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The textbook sets for language and literature are enhanced with additional electronic material incorporating audio, musical, and graphic illustrations, and even multimedia 3D animations, experiments, processes, enlargements, and more.

There is student-friendly text, a carefully-considered structure of material, knowledge reviews, points to consider, and repetition. All this and more leads the student along a thoughtful and systematic path towards being actively involved in learning and in acquiring the desired knowledge.

Mladinska Knjiga also offers indispensable material for the “matura” final exam. With this material, students can prepare successfully for the final test, as they conclude their secondary education. We also offer pupils high-quality textbook sets for geography and music.

In 2009 we published a translation of physics assignments designed by the world-famous physicist Douglas Giancoli, thereby facilitating access for Slovenian students to this kind of content and, consequently, to even greater knowledge.


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