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The learning material, from classical to new and updated, is laid out for children right up until the end of primary school, and the selection is truly rich. We are especially attentive to the attractiveness of textbooks and workbooks, current texts for pupils of specific ages, and captivating ways of presenting content.

We make great use of mind mapping, content review at the end of the chapter, and highlighted key terms accompanied by clear explanations. The text is written in a way that is understandable and clear for the pupil.

The textbook sets for younger pupils have textbook “heroes” who accompany the student throughout the year and share with them their mischievous but significant comments, as well as encouraging them as they read.

The assignments in the workbooks are always interesting and set out with variety in mind, also taking account of individualisation and differentiation. In these sets you can also notice an emphasis on teamwork, speaking, and interdisciplinary links.

The wealth of pictorial material, which is a part of every Mladinska Knjiga textbook and workbook is, in our opinion, an indispensable part of good school material.


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