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The hallmarks of Mladinska knjiga’s textbook publications are high-quality material with modern artistic elements and superlative design. In addition to the required/approved textbooks, we also produce complementary textbook material that facilitates a greater grasp and consolidation of knowledge for preschool to secondary pupils.Logistika Decor


MK kindergartens

Even at the preschool stage children, educators, and parents have the opportunity to choose, from the treasure trove of Mladinska Knjiga publications, a variety of musical learning publications that offer countless opportunities for child development.

Primary Schools

MK primary schools

The first steps at school are often considered the most important, and it is at this stage that our range of material is richest, both in textbooks in all subjects and in additional collections for leisure time at school and home.

Secondary Schools

Mladinska knjiga Secondary schools

The exceptionally rich selection of textbook sets for the Slovenian language in grammar schools and secondary professional schools undoubtedly sets Mladinska Knjiga apart as an important producer of high-quality, modern, and progressive methods of teaching and learning Slovenian in secondary schools.

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