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About Cankarjeva Založba

The history of the Cankarjeva Založba publishing house dates back more than 70 years. Every year we publish more than 60 titles. Our list of titles includes several-hundred first-time translations in major collected editions of translated literature, including Sto Romanov [100 Novels], Nobelovci [Nobel Winners] and XX. Stoletje [20th Century].

The tradition continues in the collections Moderni Klasiki, offering modern novels and selected short prose; S Poti [From the Trail], collected travel writing; and Najst [Teen], which showcases famous authors through prose for adolescents. In just a few years the prizes and names associated with the Poezija [Poetry] collection have confirmed Poezija as the leading showcase for modern Slovenian poetry.

Cankarjeva Založba also publishes a range of high-quality literature that is not part of its established collections. We pay particular attention to Slovenian writers. Our books are regularly met with public acclaim, excellent reviews, and they have received major literary prizes. Each year we publish a book by the winner of the Vilenica International Literary Festival.

Cankarjeva Založba also publishes the collection Bralna Znamenja [Reading Signs], which examines the fate of literature, and other high-quality non-fiction. We also established our name as a leading source of reference books: most Slovenians own at least one version of our Sova Encyclopaedia, and we also produce dictionaries, and other linguistic handbooks. Our major best-sellers include Zakladi Slovenije [Treasures of Slovenia] and Velika Slovenska Kuharica [The Big Slovenian Cookbook].

According to surveys of the Slovenian literature market in the book Knjižna Kultura [Literary Culture], Cankarjeva Založba ranks as one of the last general publishers with a wide-ranging and high-quality list. This is helped by regular subsidies from the Ministry of Culture and now the Public Literature Agency, as well as by the long years of loyalty from our readers.


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