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In a fun and educational manner, Deadly Serious About Sex explains sex and sexual development (“the birds and the bees,” as our mothers used to say) to teens, and answers the questions that arise about it, while maintaining respect for the child, their needs, and their expectations.

Format: 14 x 18,8 cm
272 pages
Age: 10+

Excerpt (pdf)

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Deadly Serious High, the fourth book in the Deadly Serious series, deals with the issue of drugs. The author’s goal is to inform about the use of illegal substances, to raise awareness about its consequences and to show when and why to »just say no« to drugs.

Format: 14 x 18.8 cm
378 pages
Age: 10+

Flip through some pages (in Slovenian language):






How should we behave in our daily interactions so that our peers will see us as civilised 21st century beings? We all want to get along and coexist peacefully, but it doesn’t always come easily. Deadly Seriously Perfect introduces us to Felix the Martian, who charmingly holds up a mirror to his crude contemporaries from planet Earth and teaches us valuable lessons about ourselves in the process.


Format: 14 x 18,8 cm
184 pages
Age: 10+




It’s fun to go to school if you’re smart, diligent, popular, and beautiful. Everyone else has a hard time dealing with classes, strict teachers, ridiculous schedules, homework, and even how to spend the holidays. Not to worry, Desa has thought of all of this, and has a plan in mind! She has collected a whole bag of tricks to help you clean up your memory cells and get those muscles in your brain back into shape. Spend a little time with Deadly Serious About School and who knows—maybe those problems will suddenly become manageable…

Format: 14 x 18,8 cm
216 pages
Age: 10+



About the author


DESA MUCK is one of Slovenia’s most popular and best-selling children’s authors. The books in the Deadly Serious series were instant best-sellers, and some of them have been successfully adapted for radio and theatre. In this series, Desa Muck speaks in a humorous and relaxed manner about the problems that upset teenagers, all the while helping them deal with their fears and overcome their resistance to serious topics.


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