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Svet knjige

Svet Knjige [World of Books] is the largest and most successful Slovenian book club, with over 65,000 members and a 40-year history.

Svet knjige CatalogueEvery family member can find a book to suit them in Svet Knjige! Our club is so popular that we can say that every seventh Slovenian family reads something in this book club. It is the members who are always at the centre of attention in Svet Knjige.

We guarantee member satisfaction through the careful selection of outstanding, exciting, current books, as well as through first-class services and friendly advice at the club centres and other avenues of subscription.


Members always save at least 20% on every purchase!


In this children’s book club you can find high-quality books for children and parents, as well as expert advice for parents. Every quarter, children receive a colour catalogue in the mail. Even at the age of three they can choose for themselves which book they would like to receive.

Ciciklub Catalogue

You may order by mail, telephone, Internet or, together with your child you can visit the cicikotiček [kid’s corner], a place where your child can actually look at the books. Once a month, children who love listening to tales and reading gather together at their local cicikotiček for fairy-tales and workshops.

Additional benefits for members include cheaper tickets for a variety of children’s events and discounts for courses


Ciciklub members always save at least 20% on every purchase!


Telephone: + 386 1 241 34 19
Fax: +386 1 425 28 10

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