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Creepy Crawly Questions

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What if there was a zoo with animals stranger than you could dream of? Ones that smell with their antennas, listen with ears on their legs or even one on their belly, ones that taste ice cream with their feet instead of their tongues, that breathe through holes in their bodies, have six legs, eyes made out of a thousand tiny eyes, and skeletons that grow outside their bodies instead of having them nicely hidden under their skin and muscles like people?

But you don’t even have to go to the zoo to see such unusual creatures! All you have to do is observe the world around you carefully. Quite a few of these creatures are walking or flying all around us. We call them bugs.

Bugs are the most numerous creatures on earth and the only ones besides bats and birds that have learned how to fly. These include flies, mosquitoes, wasps, bees, butterflies, moths, ladybirds and other similar small unidentified flying objects. There are also examples that no longer have wings because they didn’t need them anymore: ants, fleas, lice, earwigs and many others.

Unfortunately, or perhaps luckily, bugs are too small to be amazed by how strange they look, but most children, when they encounter individual bugs, certainly wonder what they are doing and why.

In this book you will find the answers to these and many other questions.

Format: 24 x 24 cm
32 pages
Age: 3+

About the author

Lila Prap

LILIJANA PRAPROTNIK ZUPANČIČ (LILA PRAP), born in 1955, is a Slovenian illustrator of the highest international standing. Her picture books have been published in over 35 countries on all continents of the world.

Her best-selling picture book Why? was adapted into a cartoon series in Japan. She lives and works in Škofja vas near Celje.


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