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Cat Questions

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Do you too have a furry little friend who walks on all fours and miaows? Alongside dogs, cats are the only creatures that we welcome into our homes as one of the family. But it never enters a cat’s head to obey our commands in the way that a dog does. And yet many people prefer them to dogs, as they are less demanding and they don’t need to be trained not to bite unexpected visitors. People have been befriending cats for thousands of years, since they realised that cats help protect food from mice. In some countries cats were even worshipped as divine. The golden era of the veneration of cats ended in the Middle Ages, when some began to believe that cats were the Devil’s helpers. Thankfully, these days most people look on cats only as cute creatures that delight their masters with their playfulness and return their kindness with feline friendship. If you are interested in why your cat behaves the way it does, then take a look at this picture book.

Why do cats purr? Why do they wave their tails? Why do they like to show off what they have caught? In this new picture book from the internationally successful Why? series, the author asks herself and her young readers fourteen
questions about the particularities and habits of these independent creatures, having some fun along the way as she looks for the answers.

Format: 24 x 24 cm
32 pages
Age: 3+

About the author


LILIJANA PRAPROTNIK ZUPANČIČ (LILA PRAP), born in 1955, is a Slovenian illustrator of the highest international standing. Her picture books have been published in over 35 countries on all continents of the world.

Her best-selling picture book Why? was adapted into a cartoon series in Japan. She lives and works in Škofja vas near Celje.


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